Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Call Away

Her name is Brenda. I first learned of Brenda Warner at a Women of Faith event this past September in Anaheim, CA. I listened to her speak and was immediately taken with her incredible story.
While I don’t typically choose to read a Memoir, there was something about Brenda’s story that grabbed my attention and I wanted to learn more about her. Maybe it was because she was a former Marine, the mother of a child with disabilities who eventually met the man of her dreams.  While that is all impressive, what truly grabbed me was her undeniable faith in God.
The book is very well written and breaks down Brenda’s experiences in four Parts. I enjoyed the first two parts the most. She focuses a great amount of detail in her early years and how they shaped the foundation for her life.  I especially liked her brief detailed description of Marine boot camp. I am very familiar with military boot camp and it brought back a few laughs as I could relate to her experiences.
This was a great read especially for the fall football season. While not a football fan myself, I enjoyed an inside look into the life of a football wife. Being the wife of a former NFL football player is not Brenda’s identity. Brenda shares her incredible story of love and life. She displays courage, love and celebrates life.

Everyone has a story, this is hers. Her name is Brenda and this book is amazing.

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